The CERTIGNA ID product

It is intended for individuals.
It is includes 3 Authentication/Signature certificates RGS/eIDAS and 1 Encryption certificate RGS.

The certificate Certigna IDs are certificates for authentication and / or signature. They allow, for example:
  • Authenticate to a secure site by replacing the unreliable username/password .
  • Sign juridically your emails to ensure integrity. Your recipients can also ensure that your address is not spoofed.
  • Sign electronic documents (quotes, contracts, inventory, ...) using your certificate with a signature application.

Depending on the issues, certificates are available in 3 versions (RGS *, ** or ***) corresponding to three levels of security.

Certigna Chiffrement certificate allow to encrypt confidential information.

Presentation and prices

Pack ID RGS*Pack ID RGS** eIDASPack ID RGS*** eIDAS[1]Chiffrement RGS*
Duration of the certificate
The validity period starts on the day the certificate is issued. Certificates can be renewed up to 90 days before their date of expiry without affecting the remaining validity period (with a maximum of 3 years)
From 1 to 3 yearsFrom 1 to 3 yearsFrom 1 to 3 yearsFrom 1 to 3 years
Tariff for 1 year (excl tax)
Cost of certificate for a one year period validity
Tariff for maximum validity duration (excl tax)
Cost of certificate for maximum period validity
or 105€
or 250€
or 360€
Tariff for USB support + Smartcard
Cost of USB Support and Smartcard
Reissue during the first three months of certificate validity
Free revocation
Free revocation for all certificates
Sequestration allows you to recover your certificate if it is lost or if the password is forgotten
Delivery delay
Estimated time required to issue the certificate after reception of the complete application
5 working days5 working days5 working days5 working days
Dematerialisation of the dossier
Possibility to send your dossier on line
Delivery face to face
Depending on the level of the certificate, it is sometimes required to achieve a face to face between the future holder is an operator.
Using smart card
Some certificates are required to be stored on a qualified smart card.
Smartcard unblock
No remote unblock
Free assistance by telephone, e-mail, or through our online documentation
Comprehensive verification of the organisation
Certigna checks the existence of your business, the identity of the domain owner and you own identity
Expiration information
Certigna warn the holder of the certificate 30 days before the certificate expires (15/7/5/3 and then 1 day).
European and/or French standards achieved
ETSI EN 319 411-1,
ETSI EN 319 411-2,
ETSI EN 319 411-1,
ETSI EN 319 411-2,
ETSI EN 319 411-1,
eIDAS qualified

[1] The pack ID RGS*** includes two certificates : ETSI EN 319 411-1 Qualified Authentication certificate and ETSI EN 319 411-2 Qualified Signature certificate.

What are the supported services with Certigna individual certificates ?

More and more platforms and applications reference the Certigna products. You will find, on the page "BUYING GUIDE", the set of services that are recognized our Certigna individual certificates. This list is updated regularly.
In case you use a non service found in it, please first contact the platform to see if it recognizes our certificates. If so, you can always give us the name of it so that we will update our list. Otherwise, contact us so that we take steps to make reference to it.

How to obtain a certificate for individuals ?

When you order a certificate Certigna ID RGS* or Chiffrement, you get a specific file format (example: "Name Surname - Certigna ID.p12"). This is the file that must be installed on your computer to use your certificate. If you do not yet have this certificate, go to your account to order.

Concerning the Certigna ID Pack RGS** and RGS*** certificates, they are issued necessarily on USB key cryptographic support. We also need to carry out a physical verification of the identity of the future holder before any certificate's surrender. Therefore, when ordering, you will have to choice, according to your geographical location, one of our multiple authorized AED. As soon as possible after your order, you can arrange an appointment with the selected AED.
The certificate will be sent by post to the exclusive attention of the holder upon validation of your request by our services.

Certificate reissuance and renewal

Through certificate's reissuance, you can get a new certificate in replacement of an existing one and created from exactly the same fields with a different keypair. This procedure is useful due to the loss of the certificate or loss of password. Be careful though, the reissuance is only possible within three months of the issuance of the first certificate. After this period, it will automatically go through a certificate revocation and place a new order.
To request a reissuance, go on the "My Orders" page, filter the "Valid Certificates" tab, then click on the "Reissue" button of the certificate to reissue.

Through certificate's renewal, you can get a new certificate created from the same fields of the existing certificate with a new validity period. The person who order receives reminder renewal email from 90 days before the certificate expiration. This is taken into account for the new certificate. So you will not lose any day of validity, even if you renew well in advance!
To request a renewal, go on the "My Orders" page, filter the "Valid Certificates" tab, then click on the "Renew" button of the certificate to renew.

Certigna Chiffrement certificate sequestration

The encryption certificate and associated private key are the subject of sequestration for the recovery of the certificate in case of loss. The duration of the sequestration is ten (10) years from the certificate issue date.
Recovery by the holder or other authorized person is possible for the duration of the sequestration but will be subject to a different pricing depending on whether the holder is under contract or not.

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