Digital signature revolutionizes and considerably simplifies the subscription journey. Thanks to digital signature, customers, suppliers and employees’ user experience to subscribe is optimized. Not only costs are reduced but gains in terms of proactivity are strongly improved while increasing the security and reliability of signed documents.

Digital signature increases legal value of digitally signed documents. It makes subscribers life easier allowing them to sign very quickly all kind of documents regardless their format (PDF, Word, XML, etc.).

Electronic signature certificates (Administration, etc...).


Signature workflow and complete subscription path.

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With Certigna, optimize customers, partners and employees’ subscription journey

  • Reducing time to subscribe
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Cutting costs
  • Improving reliability and legal value of signed documents

With Certigna, give a strong legal value to your documents digitally signed

In the world that moves at the web speed, communications security, data and ID protection as well as legal value and compliance of digitalized documents and processes is key.

Certified digital signature RGS (Règlement Général de Sécurité or GSR General Security Regulation) or eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Trust Services) is a strong protection against ID usurpation and personal data theft.

3 key elements to guarantee legal value of your documents digitally signed:

  • Authenticate: "Who" ?
    Identify actors and subscription: author, sender, recipients, signatories, third of routing, C.O., C.A., etc ...
  • Timestamp: "When" ?
    Give a date for all events linked with the document
  • Guarantee integrity: "What" ?
    Ensure the document has not been changed or damaged throughout its life cycle

With Certigna, your documents digitally signed are compliant with RGS and eIDAS

Digital signature, to be legally valid has to be compliant with RGS and/or eIDAS..

3 key elements of Certigna’s digital subscription management solution

  • ID collect and check : allows to check unequivocally the identity of the signatory. Collect identity elements, check validity and authentication of the signatory.
  • Digital signature : allows to define digital validation and signature process for a document. Types of digital signatures :
    • Simple with OTP
    • Advanced with one time use electronic certificate
    • Advanced with certificate in the cloud
  • The electronic archiving of documents with probative value allows to keep the signed documents and the envelopes of proof in a secure way during all their legal life.

Certigna 3 ways to go to digital subscrition according to your needs:

Online web service to sign.

modular digital subscription management solution.

API of certified digital signature to be linked with your existing business apps.

With Certigna, improve your customers, partners and employees’ digital subscription experience.

Digital signatures with strong legal value with a Trusted Service Provider

In the cloud or on Token USB Key; one-time use or multi-usage

Flexible offer suited to your needs


Developed and operated in France

Compliant with eIDAS

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